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Part of our Conscious Crystal Collection - a fully traceable mine to market collection of responsibly mined stones with a story to tell. As well as being hand selected for their beauty and powerful energy, these crystals have a higher purpose with a conscious mission...


Nestled in this beautiful and remote site that borders the Atlantis Rainforest and the Serrado and Caatinga ecological communities, you'll find the Pyramid Mine in Remedios, Brazil. This is the home of golden rutile quartz, which holds a special place in our hearts. Many of you will be familiar with Crystal Clear, our sister social enterprise launched by our founder Jill Urwin. It's a not-for-profit organisation with the primary social objective to reinvest profits back into the community, specifically to support and empower Artisanal Small Scale Miners. The mining community at the Pyramid Mine is the first case study for Crystal Clear, and with SLC as the primary funder, we have managed to donate $2500 so far towards future sustainable developments and COVID relief for the immediate future. 


Finding beautiful high clarity natural points with starbursts of golden rutile like this stone is super rare. Each piece has its own character, it’s own formation - and we believe - it’s own personality. These stones are true talismans, protectors and guardians.

Known for its ability to clear energy blockages and stimulate the alignment of the mind and body, the golden rays of titanium are said to help attune us to our Divine Purpose, its uplifting energy amplifies manifestations and expands awareness. This is true energy at its best, guiding us through to the light.

Size:  approx  4.5cm x 2.5cm x 2cm

Weight: approx: 0.0248 kg

Origin: Responsibly sourced from Brazil

Each piece is delivered in our branded eco-canvas pouch with a meaning card. 

5% profit from all purchases at She's Lost Control is donated to Crystal Clear - the social enterprise empowering artisanal mining communities. 

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