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Tuesday 12th July
7 PM - 9 PM
Hana El Rais

"Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces." - Rumi

Journey with Hana on this full moon in a sacred ritual of sound healing, Rumi poetry, and meditative journaling and poetry writing to intentions and call in what heals us.

Immerse yourself in a sound healing journey combining the healing properties of the drum, flute, crystal sound bowls and other instruments, as well as the healing properties of poetry from wise beings such as Rumi and Hafiz.

We'll allow the
amazing spiritual experience and insight of these mystical Sufi poets to shine forth in this aural experience designed to relax and open the channels of creativity, birth and expansion.

Poetry has the ability to speak to and touch us in unique ways. It has the capacity to open the mind and heart to vast expansiveness. You're invited to immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of sound and poetry—an effortless way to connect with the core of your being—as we connect to our inner stillness during this powerful evening that blends instruments and poetry to create a unique and visual experience.

Hana will create an opportunity to explore the magic of poetry and sound in a nurturing, supportive environment, welcoming all regardless of your background or previous experience. After the sound and poetry meditation, we'll have the chance to explore our own creativity and write down our own poems allowing us to dive
deeper into connection to true self wilst still in this dream-like state. A space for visualisation, creativity and a channel for those thoughts to be expressed and let go of.

Please dress comfortably and bring a pen and journal with you. (Don't worry though, we'll have extra pens and paper in cas you forget to bring one!)

Your Host

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Hana is a Sound Meditation facilitator focused on overcoming trauma and processing grief through understanding the mind, body, spirit connection. She leverages her 15-year long personal healing journey, Sufism spirituality, ancestral roots, studies under maestros Tim Wheater and Cherub in Vibrational Sound Medicine to inform her approach. Hana strives to create safe spaces in which sound is a vehicle to calm the nervous system, carve out space to just be and process physical and emotional sensations. Reconnect with loved ones, and go inwards.