About this experience

What do you desire in your sex and love life? How do you desire to feel?

Our desires are key to self-realisation. They explore our impulses from within, what it is we really want that’s truly aligned to us. Working with our desires brings us deeper into our essence and when we live from here we are confident and radiant.

From this confident and radiant space we’re able to connect deeper in intimacy with others with less fear. We’re able to ask for more of what we want and advocate for our needs because we know we’re worthy. We’re able to show up more in our relationships and even at work because we have filled up our desire fuelled cup first! 


In this workshop we’ll explore these desires deeper and take you through an action focused process to get more of them in your life. So how do we do this?

+ Make your desires real. We’ll visualise our desires in a five senses meditation to neurologically prime our brains to experience the desire as if it were already happening.

+ Move past obstacles. Once the desire is real we find what's blocking us through an obstacle identification process. 

+ Sex Magic. We’ll open up energetically through an embodied breathwork process.

+ Create action. We’ll finish by creating some soul aligned action steps to get more of our desire!!


This practice is a powerful portal to getting more of what you desire! You'll leave feeling the magic and brimming with confidence to get that one step closer to your goal.  This is perfect for you if:

+ You know what you want in your love life but don’t know how to get it

+ You feel stuck in stagnant energy and need a shift

+ You know you deserve more out of your sex and love life

+ You are ready to open up energetically and take proactive action and get more of what you desire in your life!

Bring a notebook, a pen and a blanket as we're certain you'll want to get cosy and journal all the insights and action!

Your Host

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Rosa is a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach on a mission to break you free from trauma and social conditioning so you get to feel liberated in your sexual energy and radiant in all areas of life!

Rosa is trained in somatic and tantric approaches to sexuality coaching which she combines with her 3 Psychology Degrees and deep connection to spiritual practice to give you an experience like no other. Rosa takes a pleasure focused approach to transformation inviting playfulness alongside the deep work so you get to have fun while embracing the shadows, fears and insecurities.