About this experience

After nearly a decade watching creative entrepreneurs and startup businesses start, grow, succeed and fail, Mara Livermore is bringing you a two-hour workshop designed to smooth out the entrepreneurial growth process by aligning it with spiritual systems as well as traditional strategy. 


Using fantasy, roleplay and more, this workshop will:

  • Teach spiritual entrepreneurs the secrets of self-belief to succeed in business.

  • Help you identify stumbling blocks caused by limiting beliefs, now and in the future. 

  • Help you create and utilise appropriate strategies to get past them.


This is a workshop for anyone who would like to grow their revenues, and achieve their goals in 2022.

Your Host

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Mara Livermore is the creator of House of SweetWaters, which offers coaching, healing and consultancy services designed to change the business landscape by empowering future-focused people to build satisfying, profitable and conscious businesses. She is a student and devotee of the water deities delivered to her through her ancestors and she specialises in elevating the sacred energy of Black and Afro/Diasporic people. In her academic work she is writing on African traditional religions in anti-slavery resistance and you’ll often find her dancing, studying and looking beyond the veil to receive high frequency insight for herself and her clients.