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About this experience

An inner child healing to uncover your greatest potential 

As children we are wide open in terms of what we believe & feel, yet we all got stuck somewhere and changed in order to be loved. We all have limiting beliefs that we picked up as children. We all tell ourselves things that aren’t always in our best interest. Each of us has an inner child that is causing conflict and driving our unconscious behaviour. But once we learn to reparent ourselves we uncover a child that’s full of joy and playfulness. This workshop will connect you with your inner child and teach you how to reparent yourself to uncover your truly authentic self. It will begin to override your limiting conditioning and allow you to become exactly who you were always meant to be.

This session is perfect for - 
Anyone who struggles to fully live their dreams
+ Those in need of a dose of self love
+ People who want to understand what's getting in their way

Your Host

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Melissa Maouris became a coach after spending a decade building a successful PR company in the music industry supporting world famous artists in their careers. She has since mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy, worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. Trained under Dr Shefali in her conscious re-parenting approach and mentored by best selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsh, Melissa’s intuitive approach is rooted in ancient mystical concepts delivered for the modern age. Melissa is passionate about helping people find their flow, tune into their intuition and celebrate their authentic uniqueness.