About this experience

The Akashic Records are an energetic source of information, where the history of all souls is recorded. Every thought, choice, and action you have ever created throughout your soul’s journey is available here. Think of it as spiritual Google! 

Join Luz for a journey that will introduce you to the Akashic Records.

In this two-hour session, you’ll learn:

- What the Akashic Records are and how connecting with them can help us

- About the soul’s journey, and how connecting with our past lives can help us in this lifetime

- What questions you can ask to get the most out of dialoguing with them

- How you can access your Records and begin your journey

This workshop is for you if you’ve had an Akashic Records reading in the past and would like to learn more about them, or if you are a soul-seeker interested in learning about a new spiritual modality.

Please note: this workshop is not an initiation or attunement to open your Records but Luz will be running a beginners course later this year.


Your Host

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Luz is an Akashic Records facilitator and mentor who helps soul-seekers get clear on their journey and transform their lives through the Records. In addition to her Akashic Records work, for the past few years Luz has been expanding her knowledge of the spiritual world, for example about astrology and energy work. This, coupled with her background in coaching, makes her readings a unique blend of soothing insights and actionable tips to help you ground what has been shared through the Records into your daily life.