About this experience

Sunday 19th June 2022
5 PM - 6:15 PM

Explore ancient Egyptian energy healing in this calming guided meditation and deeply nourishing and grounding Sekhem sound bath.

In this powerful sound healing session, we infuse the soothing vibrations of the gong with the ancient Egyptian energy healing system of Sekhem to help realign, release, and shift blocked or stagnant energy. Similar to Reiki, Sekhem can be passed from person to person through an attunement process, but it differs from Reiki in that it works on a higher vibrational frequency.

This session can:
✨  provide space and time to be still in a busy world
✨  empower you to tap into your inner healer
✨  unlock limiting beliefs and help you speak your truth
✨  open new possibilities for growth and healing

Please note that these sessions are open to all people, but are not suited for pregnant people.

Your Host

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Jaha is a Reiki Master, Sekhem energy healer and Sound Meditation Teacher. By holding and creating space, she encourages you to explore the layers that need to be unpeeled - to unlock your potential, and heal yourself. Moving forward from a place of wholeness, love, and acceptance - while truly connecting with the Healer within.