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Tuesday 6th September
7 - 9 PM
Calypso Barnum-Bobb

Join Self-Discovery Coach, Calypso Barnum-Bobb for an evening of self-exploration and empowerment.

So many of us are caught in a cycle of trying to please others above ourselves. The world we grow up in conditions us to ask permission, “be a good kid” and “not make a fuss”, teaching us that there’s always someone else more important than us that needs to be kept happy, which can bleed into our adult relationships, making it hard to express our authentic truth. This workshop is all about breaking that cycle and choosing yourself so that you can be truly happy.

This session is for you if:
✨ You have big dreams about what’s next for you in life but you’re worried about how your actions will affect those you’re close too
✨ You’re constantly sacrificing your life and time for others and you don’t know how to break the cycle
✨ You struggle to say “no” even when you really want too
✨ You’re not expressing your authentic self and find yourself mirroring the people around you
✨ You feel responsible for those around you, feeling suffocated by your role as the matriarch
✨ You regularly seek external validation and you want to re-harness your personal power

The workshop will be a beautiful unravelling, allowing you to identify your priorities, wants and needs in life. We’ll explore how to set boundaries with family, friends, partners and co-workers in a way that feels empowering and you’ll learn how to lean into the power of speaking your authentic truth. It will also be an opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded beings, with the chance to continue to support each other on your Self-Discovery journey long after the workshop ends.

Please bring a notebook and pen with you for this event.

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Calypso is a Self-Discovery and Business Coach who helps women and the LBGTQ+ community to discover and express their personal power so they can create lives filled with freedom, fulfillment and abundance. After a 7 year career working as a fashion buyer with global brands Nike and ASOS she burnt out hard, realising that she’d been living life according to society's standard of success rather than her own. She went on a personal self-discovery journey to find her truth and purpose, documenting her journey along the way. A certified NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Calypso now supports others in creating lives and businesses that centre their individual joy. She works with her clients in both a 1:1 and group setting and also shares free content both on Instagram and TikTok @calypsobarnumbobb