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About this experience

Welcome to your monthly Monday check in.

Expect slow mindful and deep yin practices that will help you tune out of your usual distractions and give you space to just be you.  Each month we will work with a different crystal allowing you to begin to open up to a new perspective and connect to your intuition. The crystal and yoga together will work to unblock negative energy locked up in the body and the mind, and allow new positive free flowing energy to encapsulate the body.

You will learn practices and rituals that you can incorporate into your everyday life so that you can come back to these zen feelings again and again.

It's an evening of sacred self care.
A moment to check in with yourself and take some time out.
You know you deserve this.

You can also purchase the monthly focus crystal before we start our ritual evening - this month it’s Fluorite. If you would like to receive your Fluorite crystal before the session, please book a space before Thursday 2nd November to allow time for us to organise delivery.

Your Host

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Lisa is a yoga teacher who works to empower body, mind and soul. She trained and performed as a professional dancer and have been teaching yoga for 5 years. She works with meditation and intention setting, and is a moon ritual guru. Lisa believes that Yoga is about more than the body benefits - beyond the Asana practice is space to find self-empowerment, belief in oneself and a chance to help cultivate stillness and breath.