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About this experience

For crystal fans, old and new, learning how to connect to your stones in meditation can be a magical and highlighly insightful learning.

Many of the myths and legends surrounding crystals, talk about some specimens being programmed with knowledge by our ancestors. We can access that knowledge again today through meditation.

It is also believed we can meditate with a crystal to further understand it’s properties, gain insights from its thousands of years here on the earth, and even understand the specific energies of that crystal compared to others of the same type.

In other cases it is believed meditating with crystals helps us raise our vibration faster, while our deep relaxed state allows for any healing to take place much more easily.

Crystal Therapist and Meditation Teacher, Gemma Petherbridge, has 15 years experience working with crystals. She will guide you through the process so you can learn the different ways to connect, allowing you to experience the different energies of the crystal kingdom.

What the evening will involve:
You are invited to bring along a crystal from your collection. If you are new to crystals and do not own your own, please don’t worry, Gemma will have an interesting option for you instead.

The meditation will then start with a mix of breath work and Yoga Nidra, so you can enter a really deep meditative state before connecting. Enjoy a visatlation designed to help you connect with your crystal so you can receive guidance and any healings it wants to offer you.

Once the meditation is complete, Gemma will be available to answer any questions you may have about the meditation and your crystals.

Can I bring my own crystals to the class? Definitely. Please have with you any crystal you are currently drawn to.

Your Host

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Soul Purpose Coach and Intuition teacher, Gemma Petherbridge has spent 15 years working in the spiritual development industry, and today her passion is empowering soul seekers who are actively asking those profound life questions. She believes teaching people to connect to their intuition allows them to access their best source of guidance, their Higher Self. She also believes that how people do this is very personal, so Gemma offers an array of modalities that can open up and enhance your intuitive and psychic skills.