£20.00 – £25.00 per person



About this experience

Expand your mind, explore new ideas and connect to others at the SLC Book Club.

Queens of Ritual, Tarot pro's and Virgo Ascendants Lucy Porter and Kasia Gwilliam invite you to gather around the fire for an evening of conversation and expansion as we explore some exciting and evocative titles from the SLC book shelves.

The second book we'll be exploring is Period Power, a celebration of the superpowers of your monthly flow and the wisdom and power of the female body. Written by Maisie Hill, a women's health practitioner, Period Power takes us on a journey through hormones, as well as the patterns, pitfalls and powers of your cycle.

Lucy and Kasia will be facilitating a discussion and journey through the themes and lessons of the book, as well as a deeply nourishing meditation and touching upon how these can be used in our own devotional and ritual practices. Tickets are available to purchase with or without a copy of the book.

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Kasia Gwilliam is an initiated Medicine Woman, author and sacred space holder, with many years' experience in offering services rooted in both the spiritual and the tangible. She is trained in the sacred arts of holding ceremonial and ritual space as well as Tarot, bodywork and facilitating deep and insightful work with plant medicines.

Lucy Porter is a Priestess of Magdalene, Karmic Astrologer, Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Student of Tantra & Teacher of The Tarot. Through her work she aims to bring you into your full power and assist you in integrating your shadow and light.