About this experience

29th May
7 PM - 9 PM
Jade Shaw

Astral Projection, it's the secret skill you never knew you had.

What if you could access expanded states of consciousness and connect with people and places beyond space and time?

Where would you go? Who would you meet? What would you bring back?

Learn how the sages of old activate transcendent levels of awareness for insight, guidance and healing.

This introductory workshop is part theory and part practical so get your cushions ready!

Packed with a lot of info, you will learn simple techniques via a 3 step process on how to self-initiate an Out of Body Experience for self-growth.

It draws on mindfulness, breathing and physical exercises to navigate the state so that you feel safe, equipped and empowered to begin a home practise.

There are group sharing sessions, Q&A periods and practical exercises.

In this workshop you will learn:
✨ Why Astral Projection is a powerful self-realisation tool
✨ Perspectives from both the western scientific field and eastern traditions
✨ Why mindset, motivation & intention is key to success
✨ Developing ‘projection’ plans
✨ How to achieve ‘mind-awake body-asleep’ awareness (the prepatory state for an OBE)
✨ How to harness the ‘vibrational stage’ often prerequisite to OBE
✨ When and how to use an ‘exit’ technique from the physical body

Your Host

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Jade is an out-of-body experience (OBE) researcher and teacher. After a life changing OBE she researched the phenomena for her Msc in Transpersonal Psychology and lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for 5 years. She made an OBE film called ‘Insight Out’ featured on Amazon Prime and is the consultant for the N01 Netflix show Behind her Eyes. In 2021 she won the Kindred Spirit Magazine emerging voice award.