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Join Tree Carr, our resident tarot reader, dream guide and psychic healer for a deep dive 1:1 Soul Spa session. In our hectic, fast paced modern lives we often find that we don't have enough time to truly care for ourselves. If we do find the time, we often focus on physical self care 'spa maintenance': nails done, hair done, massage or facials. Of course these acts of self care are important, creative and fun, but most of us forget about the deep inner care of our soul that is so crucial as well.  A Soul Spa session with Tree will focus on the deep needs of your soul. During her one hour session with you, Tree will hold space with an opening ritual, energetic cleansing with the burning of resins, ceremonial healing herb tea, guided meditation, chakra cleansing and activation. She will also open space for a strong intuitive channel, receiving messages, insights and guidance for you.  Tree also draws upon her sensitivities in the realms of clairvoyance, psychic transference and mediumship, communicating to you whatever comes up for you during your session. The session concludes with Tarot guidance and a *healing hug of selfless love and compassion. Soul Spa sessions are perfect for anyone experiencing grief, loss, anxiety, lack of direction and purpose, existential confusion, feeling ungrounded, fear, emotional burnout, depression or loss of connection to oneself.  *Healing hug is optional due to comfort levels and also depends on COVID-19 restrictions

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Tree is a published author working in the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination. Tree has explored the realms of mysticism and consciousness since she was a child. Her deep intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship abilities have helped people worldwide as has her incredibly insightful tarot guidance.