I am Ryan

Own your story.

I am equal. I am creative. I am grounded. I am intuitive.
I am love. 

Ryan lights up the room. Whenever he steps into She's Lost Control he's a power house of positive energy. We love Ryan. Ryan is Love. We invited him to join us in celebrating our I am campaign so we could shine a light on him and his inspiring story. 

So who is Ryan Lanji? Well, he recently described himself as an "outspoken, tattoo'd, hustling south asian queer", which in itself is a powerful status. But we see Ryan as much more. His creative energy is an inspiration to so many. He has actively manifested his own path and has become the representation he wished he'd seen growing up, helping LGBT+ people celebrate some of their biggest milestones.

Whilst being intuitively connected and able to tune in to his creative power, it's refreshing to see how grounded Ryan is when it comes to his personal and professional journey.

Currently, Ryan is a judge on BBC Three's Big Proud Party Agency, but his journey has taken him on an eclectic path from fashion curator and nail art exhibitor, to founder of Hungama - a club night for South Asian LGBT+ folks -  and an advocate for QPOC folks in the fitness industry with his NYD Global community. The common thread is that he creates moments that are rooted to human connection and is all about being your true authentic self. Ryan embodies Love. 

LGBT+ people should be free, safe and equal everywhere - it should never be illegal to be you

Ryan has chosen Kaleidoscope as his nominated charity - which means that we will donate 15% from the sales of every I am Love Energy Mist to charity between now and Christmas.

In 69 countries around the world, LGBT+ people are criminalised because of who they are and who they love. In over half of those countries, homophobic laws passed during Britain’s colonial rule have yet to be repealed. The prejudices of the past have very real consequences in our present. Established in 2011, Kaleidoscope Trust is a UK-based charity focused on fighting for the human rights of LGBT+ people across the Commonwealth and beyond. We fund, fight for and empower those upholding the human rights of LGBT+ people by working with governments, change-makers and civil society organisations to effect meaningful and lasting change in the lives of LGBT+ people everywhere.

I am Love Energy Mist

Transcend through the frequency of love. Elevate your mind, space and senses with the power of ancient alchemy and botanical remedies.
Amplified with full moon charged Rose Quartz crystals.

Consciously 100% natural. Nothing else.
Hand poured in Hackney.
Sustainably sourced, vegan, cruelty free, and carefully blended using Mother Earth’s essential oils.
Rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms. 


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